A Nashville Commercial Project

A new entertainment venue is coming to the Nashville scene and it's our pleasure to bring this vision to fruition!


  1. Demolition Ceiling Work - Remove 28 ceiling light fixtures

  2. Entrance left hand side ceilings remove 928 sq. ft. gypsum ceiling

  3. Front entrance area remove 544 sq. ft. 5/8 gypsum wall board

  4. Total 1474 sq. ft. of ceiling

  5. Remove all will hangars hardware, clean-up all pre-stressed concrete ceiling roof members.

  6. Demolition Concrete Floor - Left hand side for all new plumbing work, 860 sq. ft., down to gravel

  7. Dig out trenches in gravel

  8. Remove existing plumbing fixture and all associated unused water piping.

  9. Remove existing water heater and all associated unused piping.

As you can see, we are well underway on the first two steps of this project. The next phase will encompass installing all new plumbing and a MASSIVE concrete pour.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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