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Nashville: Building In An In-Demand City

Over the past few years, Nashville has consistently ranked near the top in the country for first-time home buyers, small business start-up ventures, a place to raise a family and quality of life.

With high rankings comes an increasingly competetive building market as well as a profound urgency to own a piece of highly sought after property in this big town with all the "small town charm." We're where neighbors help neighbors and the "American Dream" is a reality.

Nashville natives and implants alike are all feeling the effects of this epic "rat race" to secure the best parcel at the best price to provide a future for themselves and their family. It's an exciting time to "put down roots", and to expand them!

With the population steadily increasing and no signs of this wave breaking any time soon, you may be asking yourself how YOU can be a part of the movement. It's as simple as deciding what you want, where you want it and how flexible your budget is.

There's no doubt you've witnessed the ever-changing skyline with its massive cranes and heavy machinery that dot the view. Does all the existing and planned construction by elite corporations mean there's nowhere else to go but out of the city? The answer to that is: it depends on your personal preferences.

High demand for materials and labor shortages have inflated material costs by almost 30% since 2020 and there have been some supply chain issues causing delays. None of this has slowed the demand for construction and contractors are still being bombarded for estimates at alarming rates. As more and more home and business owners lock in their projects, this is definitely NOT the time to wait it out in anticipation of declining material costs. With declining costs, there will also be increased costs associated with purchasing your new home or business. There are no indications home prices will start to decline in the next 18 months.


Firstly, if you are in the market to start a business, being poised in the center of the action is about as great as it can get as far as commute, store traffic, and accessibility. Looking slightly outside of downtown in the East Nashville, Charlotte Ave., Edgehill and Wedgewood neighborhoods, you get both trendy shops and eateries as well as consistently great venues that have withstood the test of time and are frequented by Native Nashvillians, newcomers to the scene and tourists alike.

Choosing a location in any one of these is guaranteed to be a wise investment if what you're offering is of great quality and unique. With such incredible diversity and options in this area, offering something your competitors aren't is just as important as it is to offer reliably-excellent customer service. Forming relationships with surrounding businesses is also an invaluable tool the most successful business owners employ.

With 35 years of experience in the Nashville area and dedicated teams of professionals, we can help guide every step of your new commercial construction project with ease!


If you are a homeowner looking to renovate, remodel or do an addition, locking in your contract during the slow season (start dates in January, February, July, August) is your best bet with the current construction climate.

Shorter days and longer nights in winter, as well as scorching summer heat tend to make these months less busy and allow more time for communication with contractors to write up the perfect proposal for your needs. Of course, our contractors are available to you at all points of the year; However, planning in advance for these months will ensure you get the attention you need and you don't feel as rushed or stressed. If there's one thing that should be well-deliberated and decided on, it's this.

Another point to consider: If you've yet to buy your dream home or you're looking to renovate and flip one, the busiest time for home sales is in the spring and early summer. This is especially true for families with school-age children. Moving into a new home at the end of the school year and before the next one begins is a major deciding factor for families... primarily those who will be moving to new districts. Even if you don't have children in school, the person looking to buy your property could.

The holiday season is also bustling as homeowners look to have their projects completed so they can host events for friends and family in their new space as well as clients looking to lock in their project to begin at the start of the new year. The detailed estimation process can be lengthy depending on the amount of specifications so beginning this process in the off-season is recommended.


Keeping these tips and timelines in mind will ensure a successful , fulfilling construction project. We LOVE that you're considering us to carry out your build within the greater Nashville area!

The question is this: Are ready to make your project a reality? If you are, call us today at 615-642-4477 or visit to schedule your free estimate!

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