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PennePazze - Creating A New Space

Nestled inside Nashville's L&L Market you'll find some of the most amazing, handmade from scratch, and authentic Italian food! It's called PennePazze and the food is just as incredible as the people who own and operate it.

But, before this was the best farm-to-table Italian eatery on Charlotte Avenue, it was an empty space left behind by a restaurant supply company that had previously occupied it.

If you can dream it, we can do it!

And that's what we did. Beginning construction in 2018 and reaching completion in early 2019, this project was about 7 months from start to finish.

It was very important that we maintain the integrity and as much of the authentic vibe of the space as possible. Notice those hardwood ceilings? All original!

In order to become this GORGEOUS restaurant that we all know and love, first, we had to do a lot of work!

All of the walls and floors are solid concrete. Some might consider that too difficult of a build but not us! We went right to it and, boy, did we cut a lot of concrete!

In order to comply with the Fire Marshal, exhausts had to run in an 8x3 chase through the upper levels. The wiring had to run 300-feet through the main areas and lower levels. There was a tremendous amount of wiring, plumbing, AND love installed.

After the "work" work came the fun stuff... the interior and exterior finishing touches. Don't you love the way everything is comforting and blends seamlessly? Kind of like their lasagna... absolute perfection!

And, there you have it. A summary of how the "Crazy Good Italian Cuisine" made its home here in Nashville. If you'd like to check them out, their address is 3826 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209 (or you can order online by clicking here) and they're open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 AM- 9:30 PM.

Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to stay "in the know" on what we're up to next!

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