Residential Construction: A Two-Story, 1,100 Sq. Ft. Addition


This home is already stunning and we're aiming to make it even more so! We will be doing an approximately 1,000 sq. ft., two-story addition as well as an upper and lower deck addition.


Here are some BEFORE pictures:

This Is Planned As A 14-Phase Project


Phase 1, General Conditions, included:

  1. Pulling Applicable Permits & Insurance

  2. Acquiring Dumpsters

  3. Caution Signage- For Subcontractors, Workers- No Smoking, etc...

  4. Setting Up A Staging Area Onsite For All Building Materials

  5. Structural Engineer's Letter

  6. Daily Clean-Up Staging

  7. Site Plan- Delivered Copies To Zoning Department For Building Permit Application, Do A Drawing Reflecting Elevation Of All Areas

Phase 1 is complete and we're now working on phase two. This will include:

Excavated Addition, Foundation, Concrete Footers, and Block Work

  1. Footers 24" x 16" 3 Strands Of Steel-On-Steel Chairs

  2. Concrete Piers

  3. Concrete HVAC Pads

  4. 3500 psi Concrete Footers 24" x 16" deep. Tie New Footers Into Existing - Footers Below Freeze Grade

  5. Install Block Courses, 12" Regular Block Core Fill Every 32"

  6. Install 1/2 by 16" J-bolts


Phase 2 Progress Pictures As Of December 10, 2021:


Thus far, we have removed the existing back deck, constructed a retaining wall, and measured/ planned for footers. Concrete will be poured at noon today.


Footers poured and set. Wooden frames removed.


Block and foundation work are well underway!


Phase 3 Progress, 2022:

2/2022: Rain and snow have delayed some progress but now we're back at it with waterproofing the new foundation.

3/2022: The lumber package has arrived and we're about to begin framing.

4/2022: As you can see, framing is well underway and the ultimate result is starting to take shape!

Updates will be posted as they become available.


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