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When To Hire A General Contractor

Home and Office improvement initiatives can appear daunting, particularly if you don’t consider yourself a DIY person. But even if you are acquainted with drills, saws, and hammers, you may have large plans for renovating your property that exceed your current knowledge. In this case, it’s time to enlist our crew of specialists led by a well-known contractor to do the task for you.

What Is a General Contractor? A GC is an expert who's charged with supervising each element of a construction project or renovation assignment in a domestic or commercial building. The duties of a GC encompass applying for and receiving permits, ordering and scheduling material deliveries, and coordinating subcontractors like electricians, carpenters, and plumbers. If that feels like a large task, it is—and that’s when it’s a perfect time to hire us.

5 Signs That It's Time to Hire a General Contractor

If you want to leave your remodeling project to a team of professionals, here are five reasons it pays to hire our company to lead the way.

1. Save Time and Money

Home and Office improvement projects can be costly and time-consuming especially when you aren't 100% sure what materials to buy. Not only that but unless you have a well-stocked tool shed or incredibly handy neighbors, there's bound to be additional tools you'll need to buy and may only use once.

As a budget-conscious property owner, you are able to review estimates from various professionals as well as choose more economical materials and upgrades depending on the scope of the project. However, you won’t have as much negotiation ability when it comes to the availability of that labor and those materials at our prices. As a general contractor, we take over the responsibility of scheduling your project so that materials are procured and tasks are completed as close to the given timeline as possible.

We are used to scheduling supply deliveries and work around busy subcontractors who are likely juggling multiple jobs in addition to yours.

2. We Will Manage Your Project

You likely have continuing family and work obligations to uphold in addition to any home or business improvement projects you have planned to take on. Particularly if you are working on a complicated, multi-stage project, it's always best to leave the big planning and oversight to the pros.

As an experienced General Contractor, we're quite proficient at juggling multiple tasks. This makes it feasible for you to go about your daily life without having to worry about if everything is going as it should and everyone is holding up their end of the bargain.

Of course, we will ensure that you are kept abreast of everything along the way, but instead of wrangling communication with all the various suppliers and teams, you’ll have us as your main point of contact so there is no confusion as to the status of your project.

3. Utilize Our Established Community Relationships

As a General Contractor with decades of experience in this area, we have formed strong working relationships with a wide range of architects, subcontractors, and suppliers. For you, that's fantastic news! It means that those subcontractors and suppliers are dependable, and we've come to know and trust them based on sharing many projects with them over the years. Reputation is key in this industry, and everyone from General Contractors to suppliers to subcontractors prefers to work with others who are known for keeping their word.

Our strong relationships are also reflected in your bottom line. We are often able to get better pricing, both in terms of materials and labor. We boast competitive and fair pricing, though that doesn't mean we'll consistently underbid. We refuse to compromise quality to win a bid. To us, winning encompasses constructing a home or building that can withstand the tests of time as well as fostering a sense of pride from the owner. If the quality isn't there, we aren't there.

4. We Shoulder The Responsibility For You

There’s a lot of responsibility and liability that goes along with a business or home improvement project, and most of it will ride on us. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and everyone we partner with is also sporting the same credentials. While it isn't something we want to think could happen, occasionally on-the-job accidents do happen. With these credentials, you, as a property owner, and your project are protected.

We are skilled and knowledgeable on how to comply with all local codes and can therefore ensure that all relevant subcontractors comply with them as well. We don't believe in cutting corners and all necessary permits will be procured and projects are guaranteed to pass a future home or commercial inspection. As a property owner, you can rest assured that the work is being done in the utmost professional manner and without detrimental shortcuts that could prove dangerous down the road.

5. Done Right The First Time

Successful DIY projects can foster a sense of accomplishment if done right but there’s a major sense of disappointment if a project fails or remains incomplete. While there are several instances that foregoing a contractor and taking on a DIY project makes the most sense, if it's one that requires more than your ability or your toolbox can handle or has elements of inherent danger, that is quite another.

When looking to ensure that a large job is carried out the right way, it’s best to hire our team of professionals. Our value comes from our extensive experience of doing many of the same types of projects over the decades, resulting in higher-quality and more efficient work than you can do as a DIYer who’s just learning.

If you start a project and then find yourself in "over your head" later, it can quickly become more costly than simply hiring a contractor from the start. Never fear, if you do happen to find yourself in a DIY damage control situation, we are here to help and put your project back on track.

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